Wizard Con Portland 2014

I went to the Wizard Con Portland yesterday and got to talk up Midnight’s Masque with lots of different, interesting people there. If any of you are visiting the site because of that, thanks, and it was a pleasure to meet you all!

Naturally there were a lot of fantastic costumes there that I took very mediocre photos of (sorry, folks). There were also a lot of people in the bathroom trying to fix their custom contact lenses – sacrificing for their art! But the best thing I heard all day was someone pointing out Ted Raimi (photo below) and telling his friend, “He was also in SeaQuest.” If you have a friend who gets a reference like that, then you have a true friend.

And no Portland event is complete without an appearance from Gandalf on a Unicycle (Darth Vader on a Unicycle was also there, but I didn’t get video).