Issue #2 Scripted

I haven’t had time to make any posts or updates on the site in a while, but the good news is I spent all those hours working on Issue #2 and now the script is ready! I sent it off to Darren and he gets his first chance to discover all the madness I’ve dreamt up for him to draw. I’ll post another update with an arrival date after I give him a chance to read through it and estimate how much work I’ve thrown at him. Considering how hard I had to work to squeeze all the story in my head into another mini-issue, I expect these panels are going to be bursting with awesomeness!

What’s that? You want a sneak preview at what’s coming? Great, because I plan to release little tidbits as the issue gets closer to completion. Since it’s only words on paper at this point, I’ll just have to hint for now… there are several new faces entering our story, but whose side are they on?