The Only Constant is Change

I’ve reskinned the site again, and deployed a new web-comic layout that I’m excited about. This new method of publishing, where I can push pages straight to the front page of the site, marks the beginning of several changes I plan to make around here. The site design is the first and most obvious one. I’m also organizing an update schedule for the blog, so I can keep information fresh and lively here.

I’ve still got the full issues for download in the Issues section, which lets you take them offline or just keep a copy of them, but I’ve got another idea I’m working on for you. I’m developing and packaging new material for special “bonus” issues. As I’ve been working on Midnight’s Masque, the story-universe has taken on a life of its own and grows with every dark alley I explore. These new bonus materials will give me an opportunity to push even more content and intrigue about the motivations, plots, and personalities of the characters.

Thanks for your patience as I figure out the plan around here. It’s been a fun ride so far and I will keep adding more fun as fast as I can make it (and learn how!).

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