I’m very pleased to announce the first BONUS Edition of Midnight’s Masque, featuring exclusive content only available inside the issue. The new content consists of additional stories and background material set in the world of Midnight’s Masque, as well as behind-the-scenes articles on making comics. It’s a whole new way to immerse yourself with the dreams, disguises, and dolls.

The first BONUS Edition is, of course, for Issue #1 of Midnight’s Masque, and features the short story “A Warning in the Dark” starring Nonaxius and Mortae. There’s also a feature, “Brought to Life,” that shows the way script pages turn into full-color panels, and more. As I work on content for other issues, I hope to catch up and be able to release each BONUS Edition alongside the standard edition at publication time.

In other news, I’ve also switched the web store to Gumroad, as I believe it provides a better shopping experience for all of you. I’m sure you’ll agree when you check it out. You can download the new BONUS Edition from the Gumroad store right now! Get it on Gumroad.

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