Lots of Stuff in the Works

I may not get to post on here as often as I’d like to, but that’s because there are so many cool things coming together right how. This week saw the last page of Issue #2 published on the site, so naturally that means next week starts Issue #3! Yep, it’s all lettered and ready to go, and I’m excited to push it live to everyone.

But that’s not all. I’m also putting the finishing touches on the BONUS Edition of Issue #2, featuring more exclusive content, including the short story, “Bear Gets a Name.” A nice bit of light-heartedness in the dark world of Midnight’s Masque. I’ve also got the Inks for Issue #4 in hand, just about ready for coloring (and they’re awesome, of course). And just today I got to review six pages of Pencils for Issue #5 (even awesomer).

So hold on tight, there’s lots more Midnight’s Masque coming as we create as much story as we can by the time of Rose City Comic Con. More news about that later…

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