Rose City Comic Con is Confirmed!

Over the weekend I received confirmation from RCCC that my Artist’s Table is reserved and waiting for us. I’m hoping both Darren and I will be there, with me blathering to anyone who will listen while Darren busts out some killer artwork for fans. Be sure to stop by and visit us!

Here’s the official listing. Check out all the awesome people that will be there. If you come to see them and happen to run into us, that’s cool, too.

This news has kicked a lot of things into gear (like my lazy butt). All sorts of fun ideas for decorating our table, which I went out shopping for. And hopefully some cool stuff to hand out, though that remains a budgetary decision to be negotiated with my banker (i.e., wife). At the very least, I plan on having a great big bowl of gummi bears (get it?) so you can have a sweet treat.

One particular item of note is a PRINT version of Midnight’s Masque. I spent a considerable amount of time this weekend trying to figure out Amazon’s CreateSpace and finally, in the wee hours of the morning, got a PDF into the system for review. I took some notes during this root canal– err, I mean experience, and plan to write some of the adventure in future posts for other aspiring printers. For now, though, I’m still awaiting approval from their review, so we’ll see how this turns out.

We’ll be at table T-02, which is practically on the path to the Celebs section, so just stop by while on your way to the stars. Or on the way back, and then tell us how awesome those people are.


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