The Wrath of Con

Believe it or not, I still do not have final approval from Amazon for my print edition. And it’s not just my lack of time to work on it. I got all the documents prepped and reviewed, and actually did receive approval, only to make a “simple” image swap for the back cover and lose my approval status. Since I had replaced the image with an identically-sized image, I had to contact support to find out what happened. They took several days to reply, and then informed me that my original approval was a mistake, and would I please fix my files. Ugh. I made a new cover this morning and resubmitted (for what must be the 25th time), and now I just wait for the review… again. It’s not like the RCCC is only a week away or anything panic-inducing like that.

In the meantime, I’m trying to make good on my promise to myself to have a cool Artist’s Table. I picked up a bunch of bears and dolls from Goodwill and, since it’s Halloween season (already!), I was able to find some toy weapons. Though I’m no tailor, I managed to sew some alterations (and my fingers) to get those bears armed and dangerous. Check it out. From left to right, it’s giant Mac (probably hanging behind the table), normal Mac, and his best buddy Sunders with his trusty bat. As bad as my sewing efforts were, these results did get me excited for next weekend!


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