Guys and Dolls… and Books

I did finally get approval from Amazon on Friday, but that left no time to order a proof and check the physical copy. So I went ahead and approved it for publishing and ordered copies for the RCCC. They’re supposed to arrive by Thursday. I’m sure it will all turn out perfect… *fingers crossed*

The other prep work is going well. I finished up my Mortae and Decimarum dolls, and I’ve got some photos to share. Both of these I was astoundingly lucky to find at Goodwill, though it did involve finding the right doll and swapping clothes with another doll (or two). Fortunately, people donate a lot of dolls, so I was able to find the perfect ones. I mean, who would thought I’d find not one, but two, jester dolls, and be able to match clothes?

A little bit of paint on each and voila, the characters come to life. For Mortae, I painted the fine cracking in her porcelain face, a scar with its own legacy from her dark past. For Decimarum, I painted his gold mask over the face of the doll. I wasn’t able to find a two-faced jester, but since this doll’s hat covers the back of his head, close enough!

They’re even roughly the same size (and about the right scale with the bears I found earlier).


The cracked scar in Mortae’s face:


Decimarum’s gold mask:MM_Decimarum_doll_closeup

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