Much Prep. Many Fun.

It’s nice to have the Rose City Comic Con as a deadline to focus on, since it sure has made me productive. The print edition is on it’s way – hopefully, I never did receive a shipping notice from Amazon (hmm…). The dolls are prepped. The decorations have all been found (thanks to the proximity of Halloween!) and purchased. The giveaways are ready… mostly. Still some cutting to do on those. I’ve even gritted my teeth and purchased– err, rented supplies from the convention center to finish off my table. You know, common things like display stands and exotic things like “electricity.” I’m still imagining all the nifty things I can do with 50 Watts of sheer excitement.

Snarky comments aside, I’m not complaining. Really. I’m too excited. Even if Darren and I sit there ogling Cosplay for two days because no one knows who we are, I can take the time to post photos of those people here. If you can’t make it to Portland this weekend, stay tuned to this site for action updates!

First update: check out the killer banner that just got delivered!


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