RCCC Setup Day

Exhibitors get to enter the convention center a day early to setup booths and tables. It was all new to me, so I tweeted photos while putting my table together.

My very own table, with generously-supplied standard label. It’s on like Donkey Kong now.


Lots of boxes and tables and white tablecloths and more boxes.

This is Artists Alley. As you can see, I was early and avoided the crowd. I suspect many of these artists were still sleeping.


Get in early and have the DeLorean all to yourself! The funny thing is I get passed by one of these almost every morning when I go running. But I doubt that one has a flux capacitor.


My table complete! Almost complete. The setup guys were supposed to give me a display stand and never did. Hopefully it’s there in the morning, considering the price I paid to rent it.


These are volunteers being trained how to handle celebrities. Instructions included how to show them around, how to organize queues, how to keep photoshoots orderly, and how to escort them to their own private bathrooms.


These are bookmarks I had printed, but I cut them out. After two hours of chopping, I am eager to given them away this weekend. Hope there takers!

Tomorrow the convention opens and I’ll be tweeting as many interesting pics as I can get. Follow me @dansiger or #MidnightsMasque.

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