Rose City CC – Dancing with the Stars, Part I

As I have to admit far too often, I don’t know anything about comics. That includes recognizing the faces or names of any of the extremely talented people who have been cornerstones of the industry for years. So it was a particular quirk of fate that put our RCCC table right beside Tim Seeley. For those who want me to get to the point quickly: Tim was undoubtedly the best table-neighbor anyone could ask for. He was immediately friendly and welcoming, he coached us on how conventions work, he introduced us to all his chums in the biz, and was an exemplar for interacting with the endless fans that approached him with questions and requests.


Tim has a long list of famous titles under his belt, from GI Joe to Hack/Slash. He works as both a writer and an artist, and he’s got a brand new book published by Dark Horse called Sundowners. I read it last night and it’s awesome.

But just how great can a guy be at a convention? How about this: he took on Darren in an art duel for creepiest ghost girl. Who won? Me, actually, as I got to watch both of these masters whip through these masterpieces with stunning speed and consummate skill.

The duel in action:IMG_20140921_112323016_HDR

Like soccer stars exchanging jerseys at the end of the match, they swapped finished pieces. Here’s Darren holding the art from Tim:IMG_20140921_114744959_HDR

And Tim holding the finished art from Darren:IMG_20140921_122517337

Thanks, Tim, one more time, for everything you did for us!


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