Rose City CC – Dancing with the Stars, Part II

There were many, many, many awesome people in Artist’s Alley, and I only got the chance to meet a few of them, but each was stellar. They’re all cagey veterans compared to Darren and I, and were incredibly generous with their time and conversation, sharing stories of triumph and travails. This is a fascinating industry, filled with all kinds of personalities, and I want to call out some of the others that made last weekend so enjoyable.

Nick Brokenshire is a fine Scottish gentleman who flew all the way to Portland to table at RCCC. He has many a tall tale to share, and a killer accent to tell them with. He creates Amelia Cole with his partners, and it’s beautiful.

Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner work together on Witch Doctor, a fantastic book full of monsters, demonology, and some sound medical advice (at least when it comes to possession). Lukas’s art is simply stunning while Brandon’s writing creates a roller-coaster adventure through the macabre.

Jaime S. Rich is another Portland-based writer who is a fine and friendly chap. Humble about his works and generous with his knowledge, I could not resist picking up one of his many books, A Boy and a Girl. I haven’t started it yet, but it’s next after Witch Doctor.

Finally, there’s Travis McCollum and Kevin Knodell. Both journalists, they prowl the cons looking for juicy stories. Which means a n00b like me only got to meet them because they’re so damn friendly. Drinks and conversation at the After-Hours Party were both awesome and plentiful. Especially the drinks.

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