Rose City CC – Dancing with the Stars, Part III

We lucked out being tabled next to Tim Seeley, but the only comic-book rockstar I stood in line for a chance to meet was the incomparable Kelly Sue DeConnick. I’ve already tweeted one of these pics, so this post is making me a borderline stalker, but there’s one more bit of info I want to share about her, and it won’t fit in 140 characters.

As I stood in line waiting (twice, actually, as I bailed from the enormous queue the first time), I had plenty of time to watch Kelly Sue treat every fan before me with a great big smile, engaged interest, and an answer, quip, or story for every beaming face. Being a talented writer is one thing, being a fantastic hostess for hours and hours of fans is a whole other ballgame, and she’s a pro.

Ha, I just remembered – I stood in line three times! Our duckface/normal-face timing was uncoordinated, so I returned for a reshoot. Of course she was game for it, even though this last time was 5:00 Sunday after 48 hours of madness.

The first failed attempt (yes, that’s my awful attempt at a duckface):

The second try, with timing help from the crowd (my duckface still awful):

And the third session, this time for a straight-up fanboi pic:

Last thing – I make a special request for the signature, she delivers:


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