Issue #2 Available on Amazon

It took a while to get through Amazon’s review cycle, but Issue #2 is now available on Amazon – huzzah! Like Issue #1, it collects three of the original “mini” issues of Midnight’s Masque. In this case, it’s mini-issues 4-6. Since we’re just about to wrap up mini-issue #5 on the site tomorrow, that means you can get a copy and read the entire #6 before anyone else! Hmm, all these issue numbers can get confusing, so here’s the breakdown:

Mini-issues 1-3 are collected in full issue #1.
Mini-issues 4-6 are collected in full issue #2.

Both full issues are available in both print and digital formats. I’ve revamped our Issues page here on the site to make it easier to find all these things. Now go get your copies! If you do purchase them off Amazon, we are, of course, eager to get some more ratings and reviews posted there.

As for what I’m going to do about the numbering of issues once we start onto full issue #3 (which is roaring into production!), that’s a whole other can of beans. I’ve got a few weeks to sort that out, so I’m sure something clever will come to mind to make sure all those hyperlinks keep working…


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