Comixology Fail, Kindle Win


After four months of review, I received a rejection notice from Comixology for Midnight’s Masque. It’s a bummer, but seems to be based on a technical glitch. The message says my PDF isn’t high enough resolution for the CX platform and could result in pixelation. An understandable concern, except that I submitted the same PDF I used for Amazon’s CreateSpace – which is print quality! Since the art is already at 400 to 600 dpi, there ain’t much higher to climb. So hopefully it’s a misunderstanding that can be worked out. Waiting four months to get that message is a drag.

On the other hand, I stumbled across something I had somehow missed previously – Amazon’s Kindle Comic Creator. It’s an application for converting PDFs into the Kindle format and designed to take care of the complicated steps, like checking resolution, for you so you don’t wait four months for a rejection notice. I’m very excited about this and hope to have Issues 1 and 2 available on Kindle soon. I know that even though comic book readers are notorious for wanting paper in their hands, the move to digital, especially on iPads, is rapidly taking hold and becoming the preference. I recently read the latest Saga volume on Kindle for iPad and it sure was easy to buy, download, and enjoy while sitting on the couch.

Onward into the future!

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