MIDNIGHT’S MASQUE: a tale of dreams, disguises, and dolls.

Here you can follow the adventures of Maquette as he protects his ward from the terrible truths in the dark. Danger lurks in every shadow, and friends are few and far, but his fate is forever entwined with his charge, and he will see it through.I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us!

Midnight’s Masque is a comic, a regular affair that I will publish digitally every week, as well as full issues on Amazon.

MM_panel_Dec_lrgDAN SIGER is a code writer by day, a screenwriter by night, and a comic writer at midnight. He always has a lot of projects going on, whether it’s a mobile app or a screenplay, and this is his first plunge into the world of comics. The rest of the minutes before midnight are devoted to his wife and kids, without whom all this would be meaningless.

Eccentric_Vision_1DARREN COOLS is an illustrator and designer who believes in making things that are good for people. He loves real books, and tends to obsess over graphic novels and comics. Sometimes he works on old cars and motorcycles to chill out. You can find more of his work at darrencools.com.


EDWIN DOMINGO is a freelance artist who does pencil work, a little inking, but mostly color on comics commissions. You can see more of his fantastic work at deviantart.com.


MILAN ANDJELKOVIC lives in Belgrade, Serbia with his wife, Milena. He’s a professional artist, very active in the international comic book world as a penciller, inker, and colorist. His credits include: Arcadian Knights, Gladiator series, The Rise of Red Moon series, Temporal Law, Unrequited Homicide, Action Dudes, and Get A Life.  One of Milan’s goal is to write a screenplay and draw a comic book based upon the folk tale Baš Čelik (Man of Steel), which he is convinced influenced Tolkien when he wrote The Lord of the Rings novels. You can find more of his excellent work on his blog.

MM_panel_Mac3_lrgMAQUETTE is a bear who kicks some serious butt.

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