Peanuts the Giant Teddy Bear

Last fall I posted about the awesome 93″ Costco Bear coming out. I kept my eye on the release date and fully intended to pick one up before Christmas. However, the week it appeared I put off my shopping trip to Costco by four measly days and… SOLD OUT! What a total letdown! So you can imagine my giddiness when the bear returned to stock, and this time I did not mess around getting my order in. Now let me introduce, just a little later than intended, Peanuts the awesomely huge and massively fun teddy bear!



My daughter also decided that his arrival meant it was his birthday, so she served him some cake. He enjoyed it so much he gave her a hug – not always safe from a giant teddy bear!


Getting Committed at the Doll Asylum

Portland has plenty of creepy things in it, but the Doll Asylum is up there with the best of them. It’s normally a private collection, but around Halloween they run a few open house events to let us into the macabre world of dolls experiencing problems of their own. It is, of course, totally awesome and I encourage anyone in town to take the opportunity to check it out. It’s free and the family and friends that volunteer to run it are great. You can find all the info you need on their site.

I captured a slew of great photos, of which I’ll share a few choice ones. The rest of the exhibits you’ll want to see for yourself as the ambience is part of the experience.










It seemed only right to give them a copy of Midnight’s Masque to be part of their show. They loved it and put it straight in the living room amongst the main gathering of dolls and visitors. Such great people!

Bear Sightings

Teddy Bears are popping up all over the place lately. Here are some good pics I collected together.

The Walking Dead premier. Those people at Terminus may not have been very nice, but at least they kept the teddy bears around. Can you forgive ’em a bit of cannibalism here and there?


Costco just got their holiday bears in stock. Like everything at Costco, it only comes in one size: JUMBO.


And it’s not just Costco that makes jumbo bears. Apparently nature does, too.


A Lullaby for Mr. Bear – Part II

It turns out I got so excited about The Doubleclicks‘ song, “A Lullaby for Mr. Bear” that I went on a bender and created a custom trailer for Midnight’s Masque with the song as a soundtrack. Since I’ve now listened to it about 500 times (watch, edit, repeat… over and over), it’s with great enthusiasm that I got it uploaded to YouTube and have a link to share with the world. ENJOY!


The Doubleclicks – A Lullaby For Mr. Bear


Several people at Rose City Comic Con who stopped by our table and encountered Midnight’s Masque for the first time asked me, “Have you heard The Doubleclicks song about the bear? It’s perfect for this!” I had not heard it, so what a delight to find it on YouTube and discover both the song and the band. Here’s the song:

Great music, great lyrics, great delivery! So much awesome!

Here’s more info on The Doubleclicks. Be sure to catch them when you get a chance!


[Sister 1]
Sing a little lullaby to Mr. Bear
Tell him that you love him and that you are there
Mr. Bear needs to know you’re there
So sing a little lullaby to Mr Bear.

You are ready to go to sleep
You and Mr. Bear are tucked in tight
Won’t it feel good just to go to sleep
And close your eyes counting 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3

[Sister 2]
When the lights turn out the darkness comes and I fear it
I can see the monsters and the ghosts and the spirits
You need to be watchful why do you close your eyes
Mr bear needs protection from the torture and demise

Out go the light and its dark as coal
The monsters feed on dreams and they’re coming for your soul
Don’t look now, child its better you not see
Just wait here for your doom counting 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3

[Both sisters]
Sing a little lullaby to Mr. Bear (Monsters everywhere)
Tell him that you love him and you are there (Blood is in the air)
Mr. Bear needs to know you’re there
So sing a little lullaby to Mr Bear. (Better say your prayers)

Guys and Dolls… and Books

I did finally get approval from Amazon on Friday, but that left no time to order a proof and check the physical copy. So I went ahead and approved it for publishing and ordered copies for the RCCC. They’re supposed to arrive by Thursday. I’m sure it will all turn out perfect… *fingers crossed*

The other prep work is going well. I finished up my Mortae and Decimarum dolls, and I’ve got some photos to share. Both of these I was astoundingly lucky to find at Goodwill, though it did involve finding the right doll and swapping clothes with another doll (or two). Fortunately, people donate a lot of dolls, so I was able to find the perfect ones. I mean, who would thought I’d find not one, but two, jester dolls, and be able to match clothes?

A little bit of paint on each and voila, the characters come to life. For Mortae, I painted the fine cracking in her porcelain face, a scar with its own legacy from her dark past. For Decimarum, I painted his gold mask over the face of the doll. I wasn’t able to find a two-faced jester, but since this doll’s hat covers the back of his head, close enough!

They’re even roughly the same size (and about the right scale with the bears I found earlier).


The cracked scar in Mortae’s face:


Decimarum’s gold mask:MM_Decimarum_doll_closeup

The Wrath of Con

Believe it or not, I still do not have final approval from Amazon for my print edition. And it’s not just my lack of time to work on it. I got all the documents prepped and reviewed, and actually did receive approval, only to make a “simple” image swap for the back cover and lose my approval status. Since I had replaced the image with an identically-sized image, I had to contact support to find out what happened. They took several days to reply, and then informed me that my original approval was a mistake, and would I please fix my files. Ugh. I made a new cover this morning and resubmitted (for what must be the 25th time), and now I just wait for the review… again. It’s not like the RCCC is only a week away or anything panic-inducing like that.

In the meantime, I’m trying to make good on my promise to myself to have a cool Artist’s Table. I picked up a bunch of bears and dolls from Goodwill and, since it’s Halloween season (already!), I was able to find some toy weapons. Though I’m no tailor, I managed to sew some alterations (and my fingers) to get those bears armed and dangerous. Check it out. From left to right, it’s giant Mac (probably hanging behind the table), normal Mac, and his best buddy Sunders with his trusty bat. As bad as my sewing efforts were, these results did get me excited for next weekend!