Commissions: Nate Taylor

My final commission at Emerald City was from the supremely talented (and humble) Nate Taylor. Nate has previously worked with Patrick Rothfuss on the (non)-children’s story The Princess and Mr. Whiffle, which co-stars a teddy bear. Of course that meant I needed a teddy bear and a monster from him. I was hoping for a fun pic, and ended up being completely blown away by Nate’s “quick sketch.”

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And the man with the magic hands:



Commissions: Rich Werner

Another fun discovery at Emerald City was the very affable Rich Werner. Rich has an amazing portfolio full of fun monsters, including a children’s book of art and sketches called Monsters and Me. I had to pick that up, and after flipping through it, knew I needed a commission from him for one of my monsters.

Be sure to also check out my other commissions from Emerald City.


Here’s the head monster with his latest creation:


Commissions: Ron Randall

Emerald City Comic Con provided another great opportunity to catch up with some of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting previously, as well as meeting a bunch of new ones. Seeing all that talent literally at their fingertips always inspires me, and to capture just a tiny tidbit of it with a commission is very exciting. First up is the amazing Ron Randall, a cagey veteran who is friendly, full of good tips, and a wizard with ink and paper. Ron is a Portland native who has drawn or written a plethora of titles, including his own original series with a badass heroine (before it became so trendy!): Trekker.


And here’s the wizard:


The Bear Facts


A while back, Fandango put together a fun slide show cataloging bears in film. There are some fun facts about real bear actors, like Bart the bear, and real famous animated actors, like the one and only Winnie. It’s a fun five minutes to browse through their slides and learn a few trivia bits for your next cocktail party.

Fandango’s slide show. 

Brave was going to be even more bearish.



One of my personal favs from childhood, Fozzie.


And the all-time greatest bear in children’s literature, Winnie the Pooh.


Commissions: Sean Dietrich

The final commission in my series from Jet City Comic Show is by Sean Dietrich. Sean is another artist whose work I saw for the first time at Jet City and I was totally blown away by it. I love his style, the way he can turns inks into macabre scatters of lines and shadows. His entire portfolio is amazing, and I don’t know who was more surprised when I asked him for a commission: him at being asked, or me at the fact that he wasn’t expecting anyone to ask him. This is a guy I think you will see a lot more of in the world of comics. I love, love, love this piece!

You can see more of Sean’s work on his site. And you can see more commissions I got in my previous posts.


Here is Sean with the finished piece:


Commissions: Steve Lieber

Steve is a Portland local, part of the enormous conglomeration of talent here in Stumptown. I met him briefly at Bridge City Comics during Jeff Parker’s signing for Meteor Men (which you should go buy from your local shop asap). Seeing him at Jet City provided the perfect opportunity to get his talented inks on some Maquette goodness. I love the brooding portrait of the young Guardian beset with so many troubles.

You can see other commission works in my previous posts.


And here’s Steve with the finished piece – and a bit of posing!


Commissions: Xib Vanie

What drew me to Xib’s table at Jet City was the energy and dynamics in his art. Lots of motion, lots of action. I gave him a copy of Midnight’s Masque #1 and asked him to pick something that inspired his style and go to town. And it turned out awesome!

You can see more of Xib’s work on his site. And you can see other art I commissioned in previous posts.


Here is Xib with the finished piece:


Commissions: Tim Seeley

I first met Tim at Rose City CC earlier this year, and ever since have been eager to get his master talents all over my Midnight’s Masque menagerie of characters. What luck to find him at Jet City, where he was as friendly and awesome as ever, and he went right to work on a fantastic rendition of Maquette and the Greater Wraith from Issue #1. So much awesome!

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And here’s the man, myth, and legend with the finished piece:


Commissions: Lori Collins

Lori’s table at Jet City was lined with art that overflowed with ambience and mood. She has a whole series of dark fairy tales images that are just astoundingly beautiful and haunting. I knew she could do a rendition of Mortae that would be fabulous, and she was happy to do it. I made sure she knew she had the freedom to draw what inspired her, as long as she stuck to Mortae’s color palette of red, white, and black. And she knocked it out of the park!

You can see more of Lori’s work on her site. And you can see the other art I commissioned in previous posts.


And here is Lori with the finished piece.