Issue 3 is Here!

Can’t wait to see what happens to Mac and the 13s? Then good news, the digital version of Issue 3 is ready and published on Gumroad! You can find the link on the Issues page and get yourself a copy today. That will put you way ahead of the publish schedule on the site – just avoid those spoilers for everyone else.

I’m still working on getting the print version published on Amazon, but that will come soon. Getting approval through their system is almost as confusing as dealing with Theo and the 13s. Maybe a tad less dangerous, though. I’ll update soon when it’s ready.

Comixology Fail, Kindle Win


After four months of review, I received a rejection notice from Comixology for Midnight’s Masque. It’s a bummer, but seems to be based on a technical glitch. The message says my PDF isn’t high enough resolution for the CX platform and could result in pixelation. An understandable concern, except that I submitted the same PDF I used for Amazon’s CreateSpace – which is print quality! Since the art is already at 400 to 600 dpi, there ain’t much higher to climb. So hopefully it’s a misunderstanding that can be worked out. Waiting four months to get that message is a drag.

On the other hand, I stumbled across something I had somehow missed previously – Amazon’s Kindle Comic Creator. It’s an application for converting PDFs into the Kindle format and designed to take care of the complicated steps, like checking resolution, for you so you don’t wait four months for a rejection notice. I’m very excited about this and hope to have Issues 1 and 2 available on Kindle soon. I know that even though comic book readers are notorious for wanting paper in their hands, the move to digital, especially on iPads, is rapidly taking hold and becoming the preference. I recently read the latest Saga volume on Kindle for iPad and it sure was easy to buy, download, and enjoy while sitting on the couch.

Onward into the future!

Wizard World Portland 2015


The Wizard World Portland comic con opens in just a few hours, bringing a packed weekend of writers, artists, publishers, and some cool special guests (looking for you, Bruce Campbell). Besides the vendors and Hollywood Bigshots, there is so much comic book talent in Portland that you can meet in Artist’s Alley – it’s like a total bonus feature that exceeds the main attraction! Be sure to stop by this weekend and meet people from Dark Horse, Periscope Studio, and many others from Stumptown that make great comics.


Paper, Bricks, and Mortar

In addition to being available at Amazon and Gumroad, Midnight’s Masque issues are also available in real-life, genuine comic book shops here in Portland. Two of them, no less: Excalibur Comics and Bridge City Comics. When you stop by, say hi to Debbie at Excalibur and Merrick at Bridge City. Two wonderful ladies running fantastic shops absolutely chock full of amazing comics.

Bridge City Comics
3725 N. Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227 (map)


Excalibur Books & Comics
2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214 (map)
Phone: 503-231-7351


Issue #2 Available on Amazon

It took a while to get through Amazon’s review cycle, but Issue #2 is now available on Amazon – huzzah! Like Issue #1, it collects three of the original “mini” issues of Midnight’s Masque. In this case, it’s mini-issues 4-6. Since we’re just about to wrap up mini-issue #5 on the site tomorrow, that means you can get a copy and read the entire #6 before anyone else! Hmm, all these issue numbers can get confusing, so here’s the breakdown:

Mini-issues 1-3 are collected in full issue #1.
Mini-issues 4-6 are collected in full issue #2.

Both full issues are available in both print and digital formats. I’ve revamped our Issues page here on the site to make it easier to find all these things. Now go get your copies! If you do purchase them off Amazon, we are, of course, eager to get some more ratings and reviews posted there.

As for what I’m going to do about the numbering of issues once we start onto full issue #3 (which is roaring into production!), that’s a whole other can of beans. I’ve got a few weeks to sort that out, so I’m sure something clever will come to mind to make sure all those hyperlinks keep working…


Jet City Comic Show Cosplay

I went up to Tacoma on Saturday for my first visit to Jet City. Great show, much smaller than Rose City, but full of enthusiastic people and almost all of them are independent creators. Everybody had a different angle on publishing, which was fun to hear, and lots of great conversations about making, printing, and selling comics. The cosplay crowd was small but impressive, and I got pics of as many as I could.









































This is James Holliday, who asked me to tag him in any posts. He’s got a FB site you can find him on.IMG_20141108_113601868












A Real Comic in a Real Store

Midnight’s Masque has gone legit! The first print edition is on the shelf in a real-live comic book store. Thanks to Merrick Monroe (@merrickmonroe), the manager of Bridge City Comics, here in Stumptown (aka Land of Craft Beers, Hippie Hipsters, Darth Vader Unicyclists, PDX, or even Portland), who cheerfully embraced unknown work from an unknown writer. Bridge City Comics has always been a fantastic place to get your comic fix on, and now there’s one more reason to stop by, browse, chat with the friendly staff and get your copy of Midnight’s Masque.

Here’s photographic evidence of the issue in stock. See if you can spot it on the shelf.


A Lullaby for Mr. Bear – Part II

It turns out I got so excited about The Doubleclicks‘ song, “A Lullaby for Mr. Bear” that I went on a bender and created a custom trailer for Midnight’s Masque with the song as a soundtrack. Since I’ve now listened to it about 500 times (watch, edit, repeat… over and over), it’s with great enthusiasm that I got it uploaded to YouTube and have a link to share with the world. ENJOY!


Minor Acts of Heroism


One more nice group of people I met at Rose City Comic Con was the team behind Minor Acts of Heroism, Adriana Ferguson and Kristen Van Dam. While I liked them straight away, it pains me to admit that I just finished reading Issue #1 of MAoH last night. Why pain? Because I *loved* it and wish I had read it sooner! It’s smart and funny and a great blend of characters thrown together into an intriguing story that had me excited for more when I reached the end.

I loved the story, the art, and honestly, everything about it. The best part is, they are years ahead of me and have lots of issues to enjoy! You can find them on ComiXology and their MAoH site.