Wow, we did it! Thanks to all of you for your pledges, social shares, and word of mouth, we hit the campaign goal, then doubled it, then cruised right on by for an even bigger launch. Thank you for everything! Now it’s time to get to work wrapping up this Kickstarter processing, getting the files ready for print, and then… publishing! Stay tuned.

Issue 3 is Here!

Can’t wait to see what happens to Mac and the 13s? Then good news, the digital version of Issue 3 is ready and published on Gumroad! You can find the link on the Issues page and get yourself a copy today. That will put you way ahead of the publish schedule on the site – just avoid those spoilers for everyone else.

I’m still working on getting the print version published on Amazon, but that will come soon. Getting approval through their system is almost as confusing as dealing with Theo and the 13s. Maybe a tad less dangerous, though. I’ll update soon when it’s ready.

Peanuts the Giant Teddy Bear

Last fall I posted about the awesome 93″ Costco Bear coming out. I kept my eye on the release date and fully intended to pick one up before Christmas. However, the week it appeared I put off my shopping trip to Costco by four measly days and… SOLD OUT! What a total letdown! So you can imagine my giddiness when the bear returned to stock, and this time I did not mess around getting my order in. Now let me introduce, just a little later than intended, Peanuts the awesomely huge and massively fun teddy bear!



My daughter also decided that his arrival meant it was his birthday, so she served him some cake. He enjoyed it so much he gave her a hug – not always safe from a giant teddy bear!


Commissions: Nate Taylor

My final commission at Emerald City was from the supremely talented (and humble) Nate Taylor. Nate has previously worked with Patrick Rothfuss on the (non)-children’s story The Princess and Mr. Whiffle, which co-stars a teddy bear. Of course that meant I needed a teddy bear and a monster from him. I was hoping for a fun pic, and ended up being completely blown away by Nate’s “quick sketch.”

Be sure to check out my other commissions from Emerald City.



And the man with the magic hands:



Commissions: Rich Werner

Another fun discovery at Emerald City was the very affable Rich Werner. Rich has an amazing portfolio full of fun monsters, including a children’s book of art and sketches called Monsters and Me. I had to pick that up, and after flipping through it, knew I needed a commission from him for one of my monsters.

Be sure to also check out my other commissions from Emerald City.


Here’s the head monster with his latest creation:


Commissions: Ron Randall

Emerald City Comic Con provided another great opportunity to catch up with some of the artists I’ve had the pleasure of meeting previously, as well as meeting a bunch of new ones. Seeing all that talent literally at their fingertips always inspires me, and to capture just a tiny tidbit of it with a commission is very exciting. First up is the amazing Ron Randall, a cagey veteran who is friendly, full of good tips, and a wizard with ink and paper. Ron is a Portland native who has drawn or written a plethora of titles, including his own original series with a badass heroine (before it became so trendy!): Trekker.


And here’s the wizard: